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    03 Genesis I Wont restart after warm

    I have had this issue a few times. Yesterday I was out riding and saw a storm cloud. I shut off ski to listen and see which way the storm is headed. I went to restart and it just cranked but didn't want to start. I didn't want to kill battery so I waited about 4 min and then it restarted. It has done this a few times. Before I think it sat a for an hr and did same thing. I know the gauge said batt was at 12.2v but it started earlier and ran and showed 13.4 when running. Does this machine have the lr module that could cause this? Thanks RS

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    All Genesis and Virage models have an LR Start/Stop module.

    Slight LR module differences between carb and fuel injected models but they all have one.

    LR-503 on Genesis i engines.

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