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    Need Help!!! Power is down on my FZR.

    I have a 2009 FZR. A few weeks ago I got on it and the acceleration was not what it usually is and the top speed is down to 66 mph from 75 mph. I have changed spark plugs. No help. I can hear the sc clutch spinning down when I shut it off. I have noticed some oil in the bottom of the hull, not much and could be from where I have changed the oil but not 100% sure. Oil might be leaking from metal line by the IC. List of mods is Riva air intake, ribbon delete, Riva FF exhaust, R&D reflash stage II, and Jims performance did the pump, ride plate and prop. Everything else is stock. I have checked all the hoses and clamps and all are tight. All the mods were done in 2010. The FZR has just turned 99.5 hrs. I am beating my head trying to figure this out. It is driving me nuts.

    Thanks in advance

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    Could be a clutch issue.

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    I have a brand new clutch to put in it. Was told though if you could hear it spinning down the it was ok. First problem I have ever had out of the ski so I am lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cut2please View Post
    I have a brand new clutch to put in it. Was told though if you could hear it spinning down the it was ok.
    Seems unlikely that a brand new clutch would give issues, but it still seems like that kind of problem. That rule about spinning down seems a bit general, it may be spinning but sprags not engaging hard enough so it doesn't achieve full boost.

    Does your rpm correlate with the speed (ie is it less than you usually get) or is it reaching normal revs but still down on speed? That should help pinpoint where problem is. Also, did you use a different oil when changed? That could affect clutch engagement...

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    I'd triple check all of the clamps between the SC and the throttle body. I had a similar issue after installing my Fizzle IC and it turned out I had a partially stripped hose clamp, I'd tighten it down and soon after it would slip back to being loose again. Replaced that clamp and I've been back in business with full boost/rpm/mph ever since.

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    Make sure the oil isn't over-filled.
    I don't think you'd be getting 66MPH if the clutch was bad, but it's possible that it's in the early stages of failure.

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    like the others said check for a boost leak first, im inclined to agree on the clutch also, mine was perfect until i decided to upgrade due to the hours getting up there, I put a new 13' clutch assy in and pow 460RPM & 3mph gain straight off the trailer it actually put me on the limiter 8650, even though my old one was spooling down when i shut it off i dare say the sprags were struggling to hold up top under full noise.
    Just unfortunate that clutches arent a dime-a-dozen you could try another

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