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    98 XL 760 bogging issue

    Hey Im looking for a bit of advice on a 1998 Yamaha 760. Ive owned the ski for several years and it seems to be getting worse with time. The thing would never start cold without being primed with a bottle of fuel. To solve this i installed a primer kit.
    The bigger problem is that you can not give it throttle quickly. If you open the throttle fast it'll die and not restart until you prime it with fuel again. If you open it slowly you can ride all day, runs great like that. It runs perfectly at any steady throttle position. It has 160 hours, 20 hours on rebuilt carbs and rebuilt top end. perfect compression. You simply can not open the throttle quickly, if you go from slow cruise to wot in say 2 seconds, its fine. Faster than that it'll die.
    Any ideas?

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    I've learned to just drive around the issue, but its annoying when i let someone else use the ski and they keep stalling it

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    it runs perfectly at any throttle position from idle to wot as long as you open it slowly. Runs 48 mph GPS with a light rider.

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    I'd start by building the carbs. Also check and make sure the seals haven't popped out in the rear. The fact that it hasn't blown up yet is a miracle! I wouldn't ride it again until it is fixed

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    carbs were rebuilt with new mikuni kits last year. Made no difference at all.

    I've put 70+ hours on it with it running like this. I replaced the top end last year but not because of a lean burndown or detonation. A ring broke somehow.

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    no way a seal popped out as both spark plugs burn identical golden brown and the piston wash is nearly perfect on both.

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