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    95 750ss vs xi ride plates

    Anyone know for certain if the 95 750ss and xi use interchangeable rideplates?

    I have noticed several for sale on ebay for the xi that look longer. Specifically 1 "segment" longer just like the costly upgrades. Problem is no one can confirm the bolt spacing. I'd just rather ask the forums rather than spend $50 and guess.

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    They have different part numbers. Can't tell if they interchange.

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    Thanks for looking. I know they are the same body so I have to think they are the same, and all the ebay pictures look like it will work, but I really need to confirm the holes. The support ribs even look like there is one more on the XI units. I am going to email the ebayers and see if any will measure the bolt distances.

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    I have an SS and Id highly Recommend if you can find it a Jet Dynamics Ride Plate.

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    Yes, they bolt up the same. Xi came with a longer one because it has more power.

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    New (used) Xi plate came in the mail last week. Bolts line up perfectly, your right, they're interchangable. I cannot say if these XI plates are longer than the aftermarket parts but they are a similar upgrade for much less money. Both are longer than the stock ss plates.

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    Installed new ride plate. Major improvement in the porpoising.

    Also had low and hot flow from the pisser. Leading to Vapor lock after runs. Impeller wear looked suspect. Installed a new SOLAS impeller. Major increase in the take off, and the flow from the pisser is still low at idle but while under any level of gas the flow from the pisser in increased 4-5x and more steady. To whomever I got the new impeller need from due to low flow, thanks for posting your horror stories. You likely saved me an engine.

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