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    Question Wet Plugs, compression. Questions. (2004 yamaha 1200XLT).

    Problem: Jet ski ran out of the water till started beeping.

    Repair: I decided to take the top end apart ( Installed D plate, wave eaters and went premix 40:1). took the ski to the lake and was running really good. After a few minutes riding it I can feel a misfire, It only happens at idle. Got home and removed the plugs and they are wet. the last one had a drop of water on it. I believe is water since it did not smell a lot like gasoline. Spark plugs are dark Brown/black.

    My compression are 93, 95 ,95 what is the factory compression for this ski. I could not find it in the manual.

    I re-torque everything but it was good.
    I did not find any external leaks.

    Could it be a bad head gasket?
    Is there any test I could do to diagnose this problem better?
    Is there any Video out there or write up that explains step by step how all the water runs through the system so I can understand better how to tacke this problem?

    Any recomendations.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    I'm no pro but since you have no replies, I'll give my .02...use a flashlight to look in plug holes...does piston look nice/shiny metal? or blackish? compression sounds low but the fact its even is many hours?

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    I'm not even close to an expert but I think ive read somewhere that this happened to a guy and he figured out he rebuild his carbs wrong.

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