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    Can get the low speed adjusters out of my carbs on GPR, help

    Is there a trick to this. I was following O'side Bill's recommendations for removing accelerator pump and upsizing jets as well as adding t-handle adjusters on the stock carbs of my 2000 Gp1200R. The low speed jets won't budge. I've let them sit over nite with PB Blaster in the holes, but still nothing. The high speed jets move freely no problem.

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    Try soaking the hole carb over night..........

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    I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago. I have a flat ratchet with a hex center, used a properly fitting bit in it. Allows a bit more torque. I tapped with a hammer, also shot wd40 in thru the low speed port in the carb to get the lube to the inside area of the screw. I also used a heat gun a couple of times to expand the aluminum carb body and got two of them out that way, working a little in, then a little out until they were free. The last one I could only get loose a turn, so I turned it in as far as I could, then carefully with a hacksaw trimmed the outer body of the screw housing (the part where the plug was) flush with the top of the needle. I could then access the top of the screw easier, worked it out a bit with ratchet screwdriver and also by using a center punch at a 30 degree angle to turn the screw out enough to grasp it with vice grips. A lot of work but saved the otherwise good carb.

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