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    Help! 2013 RXT 260 AS P0127

    I have a new 2013 Sea Doo RXT 260 AS just bought it a month ago. I keep it in a marina with my boat. It is for my son. I have 21 hrs on it. Last weekend he flipped it over and the check engine light came on. We put it on the pad and drained all the water out of it, can't believe it doesn't have a bilge pump on a ski of this quality. But anyways drained and then restarted it and it runs fine in the marina at an idle then once you hit the lake and start going the check engine light comes on. Figured out how to get the fault code and it is a P0127.
    Is there anything else I can do without having to haul it out of the water and take it back to the dealer? We are on Lake Michigan in Chicago and only have about another month left of this season and don't want it to sit at the dealer 2 weeks for them to tell me there's nothing wrong with it.
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    That code is for intake temp sensor. There is a recall for updated sensor. Look at front of intake manifold and see if the sensor is blue or green. Should be blue if it's the updated sensor. On the suspension ski it's going to be harder to see, but it's down there. Have to take to dealer to get swapped.

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    Have this problem on mine when the water rises above 72 degrees. Most likely faulty sensor although it could be an IC problem. If it is a suspension ski the deck needs to be raise to change out sensor.

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    Thank you! Taking it back to dealer tomorrow. Thing is only month old bought a leftover 13 the also forgot to out the trim tabs on it!

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    I know there was a recall on a temp sensor in the RXP-X maybe it applies to your RXT too, maybe the timing was just a coincidence and flipping it over didn't cause it at all. Ask about the temp sensor recall, I know it throws exactly the same code when the sensor goes bad. If this is the cause they should be able to replace it on the spot, it's so easy. (Of course I mean in non-suspension models)
    Edit* Now I noticed that SELF27 already explained it all and even better.

    On the other hand how did he managed to flip this big boat? I ride RXP-X here in Chicago, we might even be neighbors at the harbor. This are big boats and even as I love flying off big waves I didn't manage to flip one over yet.

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    i have same ski how do i get the updated one and is it free to change or recalled

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