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    price check for 2013 HO?

    First I'm not really looking for a ski but saw this one...on '13 only has 13 hours and engine compartment still has new car smell! cruiser model, well maintained(salt away, etc) asking 9k this a "steal", or a "good price if your looking for that" or just about right price??
    I'm a little concerned that the top speed may be just a tad low...If I buy this, can a charger BE ADDED? THANKS!

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    Compression is to high on a HO just to bolt a supercharger on it without alot of mods. Sounds like a pretty good buy for a cruiser. Should run low 60s stock.

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    Mine runs ~58 GPS and I weight over 300 pounds. The wife is slightly faster, she weighs ~125.

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    thanks for the info guys! Not sure if I could live with speed thing but just didn't want to be regretting this...its a nice ski!

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