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    Battery failure in a GP12R

    On my second trip out after my first rebuild, everything is going great and I'm headed toward this island spot on the lake. Suddenly, I lose power while doing about 45 and the engine dies. No odd noises, stutters or anything, just lost power and died. I remove the lanyard for a minute and it starts up, but runs rough and eventually dies. Tried once more, but the display wouldn't turn on. So, I got to swim it to the nearest dock a few hundred yards away!

    I feared the worst and was ready to part it out, but when I got home I checked the battery first and it's reading 0 volts. The was supposedly a sealed AGM battery, though one of the cheaper ones. I expected to find a battery with low voltage, but not none like it shorted out. I'm wondering if it was just a bad battery, or if I have a problem with the ski that could have completely drained the battery. That would seem odd though, since I was only out about 10 minutes before this happened and I had the battery reading full on a charger before I left.

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    R u sure nothing happened internally on the engine? If u put a charge on the battery will it turn it over?

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    I had a generic type AGM battery fail internally last year. One minute it was fine, the next minute it was open circuit, no voltage at all.

    I presume an internal link between the cells cracked open, which would almost immediately result in 0 volts at the battery posts.

    I normally use and recommend the Deka manufactured factory sealed ETX16 AGM batteries. I have had no issues with the Deka AGM batteries.

    The failed battery was one I had received with a used watercraft and thought it would be 'good enough' to use. And it was, up until the moment it failed and stranded me on the water. Not doing that again.

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    Well, it appears to be a combination of battery and mechanical failure. As for the battery, the ebay store I got it from is being pretty cool and issuing a full refund. As for the ski, the front cylinder is shot. I think this is it for me on this thing and my wrenching days for now!

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    They are hand granades with the pin pulled!

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    That's for sure! I'm kind of thinking it may be cost effective for me to just occasionally rent one. Bad part of that is around here they are almost always entry level waverunners.

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    My gp1200r was doing the same exact thing and then the next time I took it out I broke the crankshaft and scored the 3rd cylinder.

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