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    Sheared drive shaft and impeller

    Hey guys...

    My friend just picked up a used 2004 Gtx 4-tech. The past weekend his son sucked something up and now the drive shaft and impeller splines sheared. I have experience working on yamahas but never a doo. How do you pull the drive shaft out?? There's a boot near the coupling that seems to need to be removed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Working on Yams was so much easier!

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    Appreciate the feedback. Just trying to help a friend out, not spend a couple of hours doing searches. I'll look into it.

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    It's a pain
    remove seat base post
    push back hat on shaft by compressing bellow
    remove c clip
    remove pump
    pull shaft backwards's not as easy as it sounds there though... It's kinda a pain

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    Thanks for all the help. It's all fixed up now.
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