Just looking to get a little insight on why my 97' Cane is only getting 6000rpm's? I live outside of Denver so I am riding at 5000'. It seems to run good up to 6000 but dogs a little and likes to hover around 5400 when cornering and carving. She will only run about 35mph top end. I have completely gone through the carbs though I didnt do a rebuild kit. Everything looked good. Plugs look a little off to me as well. I have excellent color on one half then very light to white on the other half of the plug? Carbs are set to factory specs, jetting and 5/8 on low speed needle. I read that at the attitude I should possibily be at a 1/4 on the low speed needle? The Cane bogs a little out of the hole but pulls hard up to 6000. Honestly wouldn't notice much if it wasn't for the fact my WB2 kills it and the Two boats should run a lot closer. Picked the Cane up for 800$ with a trailer and absolutely love it. Has been looking for one for some time. Have went through 100's of posts on the hulk and has been a great help getting the ski to this point. Could I have the old electronics? How do I tell? Have went through the whole fuel system and I still have the old tempo fuel lines, need to replace those. Compression is at 115psi on both cyl's ( probably a little higher, gauge has always read a little low) From what I can tell the boat has 120hrs on it. Have not pulled the pump intake or impeller apart yet. Let me know what else I forgot to give for info and things to check. Thanks for all the great info all of you provide... Couldn't have gotten this far without it!!!!

I love this boat...how do I get the full potential out of her?