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    Helping a friend buy a used kawasaki ultra N/A

    Helping a friend purchase a 2009 (or 2008 ) Kawasaki Ultra LX N/A Ski.

    There appears to be some super low hour ones on CL that look clean as can be for great prices (4500 or so).

    Anything to look out for on this Ski other than the usual suspects (corrosion, compression, hull integrity etc)?

    How are these skis in terms of fun gas and go low maint high reliability machines?

    Any help on this subject from current or previous owners would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Take a good look in the pump with a light. Make sure stator veins and prop are not all dinged up. Look closer at this if the hull bottom shows a lot of signs of having been beached. Compression check, overall appearance. It usually is not difficult to tell if a ski has been maintained well. Hours, post ride maintenance, particularly if ridden in salt, are all things to consider. My ski's are ridden in salt more than fresh, but you could never tell.
    What kind of oil, frequency of changes, etc.
    These are very strong and reliable engines. With proper care and looking after they are long lasting and between stability, the ride, decent speed, towing, storage, comfort, ease of maintenance and care, this is the BEST all-around recreational ski there is.

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    Thanks rlove. The two ski's I'm looking at for him have 28 and 30 hours respectively on them. Adult owned and dealer serviced. He's on a tighter budget and I just want to help him pick a good fun reliable ski that won't cost him too much down the road.

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    If ski is in good condition with those low hours Id say $4500 is good deal. My friend just sold her 09 LX for $6K here in WA. I did not think she would get that but full offer via Craigslist in week or 2. (WA prices seem a bit higher than larger PWC markets in CA, FLA, TX, etc., however). Ski was certainly more reliable than my 260, but had the same massive storage and great handling in rough, of course. I think you do need to upgrade pump bearings and shaft to 300 specs but thats about it.

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    I'm checking out a 2009 with 28 hrs on Sunday (water testing it also). Is the pump bearing and shaft replacement a must do upgrade? How much would that cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbc View Post
    I'm checking out a 2009 with 28 hrs on Sunday (water testing it also). Is the pump bearing and shaft replacement a must do upgrade? How much would that cost?
    Yes, because if the bearing fails it may well take out motor. And the 09 single bearing is prone to fail sooner or later. The parts (shaft and bearings) to upgrade to 300 spec are $150 or less. Good luck!

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    Good to know Blue. Going to take it out and check it over tomorrow morning hopefully everything checks out as described (Guy seems like a very honest older gentlemen but the ski will tell the story). At 4k if the ski checks out it seems like a great deal for a very competent machine.

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    The ski was in good shape. Hull and exterior was a 9/10. Engine bay looks good but some corrosion on the hose clamps/bolts from improper engine bay flushing. Engine was perfect (compression and corrosion). Oil was clean and the ski ran flawless. He ended up purchasing it for under 4k so even if it requires another 1k in TLC it should work out as a decent deal.

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