Kawasaki introduced Jet Skis WSAA and WSAB in 1973, the first ever stand-up watercrafts which were limited in production before the company from Akashi decided to bring them in to mass production in 1976.

There are not many out there in the international personal watercraft scene or jet skiing as it used to be in past that know many things about the history of this sport. Actually, many people including enthusiasts of the sport or even Kawasaki CEO’s in many countries who believe that Kawasaki invented the Stand-Up watercraft. Well, they are wrong since there is only one guy in the world who had this vision and drew it on paper and patent it before actually signing an agreement with Kawasaki to produce the first Stand-Up. It was Clayton Jacobson II, an ex banker from Arizona who started working on this project –the project of personal watercraft- in 1960.

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