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    Rocks stuck in prop 2004 RXP

    Hello all,

    Recently went to the lake for the weekend and some one went over a shallow area at idle speeds(1700-1900 rpm) and drew rocks into the water intake on my 2004 seadoo rxp. You could hear the rocks being sucked into the intake and hitting the sides of the intake, them being shot out of the rear, hitting the prop blades and metal parts as they came out. Eventually when they passed by that area the ski appeared to idle fine and actually still appeared to move along as usual at idle so i thought everything was fine. Once you get on the throttle and want to get going it revved up but didn't want to go. So i put it back on the trailer and removed the intake grate. I found a couple of rocks stuck in there. The next day i took it out and it idles fine and moves around at idle just fine. When i get on the throttle it gets up and out of the water as usual but doesn't seem to have that "get up and go" from idle that i think it should. I also seem to get a slight vibration as it is revved from idle to say 30 mph for example. I'm not sure if it's just me or if this is a symptom of the rocks having gotten stuck and perhaps caused damage that would give me that slight vibration. To be clear it is minor and primarily when getting going from idle that i noticed it. The rock that was stuck was between two of the prop blades and appears to have made some grooves in the plastic material/sleeve that surrounds the prop.
    I'm sure plenty of others have drawn in rocks and other debris.

    What should i do from here?
    Should i remove the rear end and check that rear bearing?
    Is the vibration from the prop being bent?
    Is the plastic sleeve around the prop needing replacement since it has those grooves?
    Are the grooves causing the vibration?
    Should i replace the prop and plastic sleeve?

    Any help from those who have gone through this would be great.
    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Remove pump and check for damage to main pump structure, fins etc. If ok, replace plastic wear ring. Check prop for edge damage. Some small nicks are ok, but any major chunks, burrs or obvious bending then get it repaired or replace with new.

    Unlikely the bearings or pump shaft are damaged, but they can be. You'll see and feel this once you get the prop n wear ring on.

    This will give you back all the performance you had plus more.

    Learn from this and don't lend your ski to anyone, it always ends in tears and a lighter wallet.

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    That plastic sleeve is your wear ring and that most likely needs replacing right off the bat...and then inspect your impeller for damage, dings and even the slightest bent blades. Crawl underneath and try to take some pictures through the intake grate up towards the impeller...and then do it from the other side and post them here for others to see and help.

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    Rebuild the impeller and replace the wear ring with a stainless one. Done.

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    .... Check on

    they rebuild impellers very nicely (I'm pretty sure yours won't need replacing) and they sell stainless wear rings. You can also shop for wear rings here in the greenhulk store

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    Thanks for the advice guys. Does the wear ring removal and replacement require special tools or does it need to be pressed in?

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    To check the bearing for wear, is that done by grabbing impeller shaft, pushing and pulling watching for movement?

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