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    2003 gp1300 running slow

    I have a 2003 gp1300 that is only getting up to 25mph at wide open throttle. It runs a little rough at idle but not too bad, otherwise it seems to run fine. I checked the compression on the cylinders and there all at about 115. The only thing I noticed is one of the spark plugs looks lighter then the other 2. So I changed plugs and checked for spark and it seems to be good but still is just as slow. I'm not sure if that cylinder is not getting fuel and maybe I'm only running on 2 cylinders. Any thoughts or ideas you guys have would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check the spark plug wires for breaks, slices or tears. You will need to follow the plug wires all the way to electrical box, often, they get torn or split near the box. you should be using NGK BR8ES-11 plugs. Also, check the intake grate and pump area for debris or weeds jammed in there. You should also be running 2 stroke Yamalube. Do you have mods? Double check your exhaust hoses and exhaust and make sure you have no leaks, if you do have leaks, you will loose pressure and never get over 25 mph.

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    You may need to install or replace waveeater clips.

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