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    installing new piston

    I'm getting ready to install a new piston in my rear cylinder (02 xlt 1200). I ordered an oem piston and ring set. Should I go ahead and put new rings on the other 2 cylinders? They both are showing 100 psi when I do a compression check. When I install the new piston, do I need to do anything like coat the sides of it in oil?

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    I would go ahead and do it if it was me...its a piece of well as you are already there and why not do it, also the 100psi is a little low so they may have some ware. I always coat the inside of the cylinder with fresh 2 stroke oil as it makes it easier to install and also aides in dry startup up when u get ready to fire it up.

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    Do I need to do anything to the cylinder walls ? I thought I saw somewhere that I needed to use some wet/dry sandpaper on the sides

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    Never heard of wet dry sand paper being used. A good cylinder cone (3 arm stone style) run through them is all u need unless they are damagaed or scared.

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    I have never honed a plated cylinder-----these plated cylinders have a very thin coating on them I don't hone them at all and even if I wanted to you have to use a special hone for it (check it out)google it
    I just put a 2001 xlt1200 together and all I did is clean the old gasket material off of it and checked ring endgap it runs perfect.
    I will bet you if you look inside your cylinder you will see the factory hone marks or cross-hatch still there DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR CYLINDER BORE

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    Any chance you remember what the ring end gap is supposed to be?

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    I have the manual right here
    piston ring endgap .018-.024

    do not hone those cylinders or anything I have heard of scotch pads I have never done anything to mine you need a diamond hone a lot of people screwup on this part of the rebuild google it and you will see.

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