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    Royal Purple 2-stroke

    Anyone ever run Royal Purples 2 stroke sythenic blend in there ski? If so did you like it?

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    I do in my injected xlt1200. have been for about 80hrs. no issues so far, isn't exactly smoke free, but are any 2 strokes. I mostly use it because Im a dealer.
    After 80hrs my compression is the same & the ski still runs perfect. I dont exactly baby it either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlen2612 View Post
    Anyone ever run Royal Purples 2 stroke sythenic blend in there ski? If so did you like it?
    If you have a source for the Legend ZX-2R oil nearby, that would be my recommendation.

    I switched from Amsoil synthetic on the advice of an engine builder and have been more than happy with the Legend oil. It burns cleanly so minimal exhaust smoke.

    Unlike most 2-stroke synthetics the Legend oil stays put during extended storage. Synthetics tend to thin out on exposed metal during storage.

    When I have taken engines apart after running the Legend oil for a long time the internal parts are quite 'oily' and the wear surfaces are all well coated.

    Seems to do what a good oil is expected to do.

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    You guys spend alot of money on 2 stroke oil.. this is the cheapest oil I can get locally, im pretty sure it will be just fine.. even though I would never normally use pennsoil.

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    My friend has been using the Pennzoil XLF in a Riva stage 3 GP1200R without issues. He runs race gas the compression is so high and the ignition so advanced

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