August 14, 2014

PWCOFFSHORE announces the PWCOFFSHORE.COM Offshore and Endurance Racing Caucus and Advisory Committee

The purpose of this group is to solicit input, document and provide recommendations and feedback to key members of the offshore and endurance racing community in pursuit of positive, substantive change and ultimately growth of the sport.

The following members of the offshore and endurance racing community have been selected for their unique, diverse and varying backgrounds:

• Russell Marmon: Champion Offshore Endurance Racer, United Kingdom
• Doug White: Race Team Owner / Parent of an Offshore Racer, Texas, USA
• GL Legendre: Passionate Racer, Louisiana, USA
• Kevin Shaw: Media - Owner/Editor-In-Chief of The Watercraft Journal, one of the industry’s most-read personal watercraft publications
• Warren Leighton: PWC Enthusiast, Racer and PWC Technician, Australia
• John Belton: Champion Offshore Endurance Racer, sailor, 35 years on the water, PWCOFFSHORE Hall of Fame member, wealth of information regarding all things offshore, California, USA
• Mark Gerner: Champion Offshore Endurance Racer, PWCOFFSHORE.COM Founder, Chair of the group / Global