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    1990 Jet-n-Cat cutting out

    I have a 1990 Jet-n-Cat powered by a 650 Yamaha. It is cutting out in the rear cylinder. The front cylinder will run smooth by it self with the rear plug wire removed, but the rear cylinder will die instantly when I remove the front wire.

    Here is what I have done so far
    The compression is almost 125 on both cylinders (is that ok?)
    The spark looks good with the plugs out of the hole
    I rebuilt the carb, but it looked clean inside
    I reset the jets the same as they were (the small jet was at 1/2 a turn out, the big jet was at 2 turns out)
    The fuel filters looked good.

    I am stuck and cant figure out what I should check next.

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    Check the spark plugs

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    The spark looks fine on both cylinders

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    Check them again

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    I can see a bright spark on both plugs

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    Try switching them and see if the problem moves to the front cylinder.

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    Why? I can see the spark...well it cant hurt was the spark plug...why didn't you tell me to check the spark plug?

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    I think that I have a new problem now
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    I just replaced the plugs, but now it won't start at all or even fire the spark looks and feels weak. I need to be pointed in the right direction Thanks in advance, I'm getting frustrated

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    I have replaced the coil and it now has good spark, but now I have a no fuel issue. It will run if I prime the carb. I'm not sure where I went wrong... the carb was working after I rebuilt it.

    I rebuilt the carb, and there was no change in the way it ran (almost dead in one cylinder)
    I replaced the plugs, But then there was very weak spark on both wires.
    I replaced the ignition coil, it now has spark, but no fuel
    I have not found any gunk or dirt in the fuel system at all any where.
    I removed the filters for a test, and there was no change.
    The pulse hose had a pulse
    The supply/inlet barb had no noticeable vacuum (do the arrows indicate fuel in and vent out?)
    I am able to blow air through the fuel line,on off valve and into the tank all at once
    When I rebuilt the carb I did not replace the needle valves.
    Is there a common mistake or something that I could have missed?

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