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    gp1200r dual fuel lines? yes or no

    Ok I wanna know if it a gonna hurt anything to run dual fuel lines to my carbs I'm 're jetting and putting a primer kit so I figured why not if it will be more reliable what are yalls thoughts
    Mods are
    Pro tech pipe
    Free flow exhaust
    Flame assessors
    Rejettting 110 lows 125 highs n/s1.5s
    Primer kit
    13/19 solas
    Riva plate
    R&d grate
    Pump stuffers
    R&d nozzle
    I plan on milling the head to 150 psi soon also so any ideas
    If this will be with my time

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    Doesn't hurt to run 2. There is a thread in the FAQ sections detailing a dual line install.

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