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    need advice just pickdup a 2002 gp1200r

    ok everybody I just pickedup a 2002 gp1200r from a guy that says it bogs out real bad in the water.
    here is the add I traded an atv streightup for it--- an atv I don't ride much at all so im happy with the trade

    it starts rightup with no problem
    I checked compression just now it is 110 all three cylinders
    he had the servo motor unplugged that operates the power valves-I pluged it in and the motor is working ok-resets and everything its suppose to do

    he said this ski has the blockoff kit but I still see the oil injection lines are still hookedup to the carbs-I cant see to the front to see if the pump is still there
    he said the fuel in the tank is mixed 32-1 plugs are really wet really rich

    when I start it- it smokes a lot

    where wouls you guys start with this one?

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    Short of removing the pipe, which you still may need to do to verify things, I'd follow the oil lines with your hand toward the front to see if they're loose and just abandoned in-place. I can't imagine the guy running both pre-mix and still having the pump operational. To that end, IMO 32/1 is way too rich particularly at low/mid range. That's one reason why it's smoking since the variable oil injection pumps less oil at low R's. (I run Amsoil intercepter at 50/1.) I'd recommend a good quality synthetic at 50/1 or regular oil at 42/1 for starters.

    If you find they're abandonded in-place you should plug/remove them... .
    Congrats on the purchase!

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    ok I got the exhaust removed and found out that the rear carb has a pluged oil line-what I was seeing was they ran the line from the first carb and attatched it to the second carb so all three are pluged off im going to buy plugs to make this better.
    I have the carbs off the ski now and im going to go through and clean them and make sure the low and high speed jets are set at factory settings
    it also has br8es plugs in it that are not gaped right----it should have bre8es-11
    thanks jim for the help
    im also seeing a lot of silicone sealer (orange) all over the outside of the reed cages-this should be ok right----compression is good and I don't see not compression coming back through carbs so I would say reeds are in good shape right?

  4. #4're welcome. go ahead and order an intake gasket if you can. Stock steel or fiberglass reeds usually last a long time. The typical problems are cracking/chipped from rapid opening closing/wear, and deformation from age wherein the don't close onto the reed cage. If they aren't tightly sealed against the cage replace them. Looks like you're headed in the rite direction dude!

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    well no intake gaskets going to fix this one lol-lol
    I took the exhaust off and pulled the head-pistons have movement in the bores
    I did however find my airleak the outer pto crank seal is just flopping around-completely out of the block----startsup and idles very fast I tryed to turn idle down but did not change anything I thought I had an air leak so started pulling it apart

    now im hoping I can buy a complete gasket kit with seals and rering this engine and get 2 summers out of it the thing had 110 across the board so I might be able to cylinders look ok---what do you think (god please let the crankshaft be good I wont curse for 2 weeks I promise)
    I have been working on this thing almost half of the night,the engine is almost ready to come out
    I still have all the sealer from my xlt1200 rebuild a few weeks ago it is running perfect have around 1400 in it total
    thanks everybody for the advice I was looking at everything you guys said but this one is in bad shape
    I will keep you guys posted on how it gos

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    ...haha, you didn't say you had an air leak or symptoms of one...bummer. I guess when/if you started it on the trailer it didn't over-rev(?). In any case it appears that was the real reason he said it had a bog... . Sorry dude, I feel bad for you. Also may explain only 110 instead of 120 at the cylinder's. She was running hotter...movement in the bores too, since he apparently never addressed it... . Well good news IT'S A TWO-STROKE!!!! Alot cheaper to fix!

    As you alluded hopefully it'll just need seals, gaskets and rings.

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    yes im still happy with the trade I have a gp1200r to go next to my xlt1200 on my dble trailer.i knew going into this trade it could turn out bad I never get lucky on pwc it seems
    if I go through the engine atleast I know whats been done to it.

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