Got out on the water today for some testing. Ski ran 79.4 mph @ 1300 ft elevation with a full tank of fuel. Holeshot was non-exsistant! Prop spin was bad on launch. All mods are in my sig.

Would there be any benefit going back to the 83mm 5* nozzle for now? I just want to ask before installing it. Would an R&D anti cavitation cone solve my problem with the 85mm 3* nozzle? Or is this impeller way off for this setup? Skat 14/24R which looks very similar to a solas dynafly.

I do not have time for a repitch this week. Racing in a week. I am looking to keep this impeller if possible and solve the bottom end cavitation.

I do not have AFR reading as of yet. Riva held my last order due to an item on back order and I haven't received my bung adaptor yet. Also my Tiny Tach is not ready correctly. Was only showing 4,000 or so RPM. Possibly a setup/program issue? I took it out of the bag. Installed it. Wrapped the red wire once around the coil pack and grounded the white wire.

Fuel pressure is set at 52 psi static. Which brings me to my next question. When idling, the rpms on stock gauge bounce between 1000 & 1500. What is causing this? If I shut it off after a minute or so and restart, it goes away. It's not like the engine is cold when this happens. Has me stumped.

Help please.