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    Noob here with a 2003 Kawaski Ultra 130 DI issue

    Hi all!

    Here is my issue, 2003 Ultra 130 DI. with 51 hours. Fresh water.
    1. First start, runs rough stalls and starts over and over and get En9 code. It smokes abnormal for a few minutes f
    2. Ride it around for a couple of minutes, it gets on plane and clears up and runs perfect all day, you can start and stop all day long no codes no nothing but running perfect.
    3. Next morning have to start the process all over again but clears up and runs like new all day.
    I've searched and searched for the En9 code but cant find anything.
    Good fuel, new plugs, gas cap is on tight, seems to have plenty of fuel pressure, no obstructions in the cooling, absolute mystery.

    Thanks for your advise in advance.

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    I would guess you have a developing emm issue. Seems like a common symptom over with the Polaris di machines. Difficulty starting and running until warmed up.

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    Bryan you were correct, changed out the emm from my stx 1100 di and all is good, now my stx has the issue.

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