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    Help with Polaris Virage i 800 direct injection

    I am new to this site and have already found a bunch of useful information but I have hit a roadblock. My father in law purchased this Virage knowing that the computer was bad needed replaced. When we got the ski home we put a new battery in it and to do nothing. He purchased a new brain and we replaced it. The bike has been intermittent in starting since we.put the brain in. It was also shipped with new fuel injectors which were installed at the same time.

    Since installing the new brain a couple weeks ago we had taken the ski to the lake. It would crank but wouldnt start. After messing with the lanyard switch a little the bike finally started. Once it starts it runs like a dream. We rode it Saturday and Sunday. When we would come in to switch riders or get fuel it was a crap shoot as to weather or not it would start right up or not. It didnt matter if the ski was at operating temp or cold. Also the display now stays on constantly but shows no warnings.

    I havent had time until yesterday to attack the troubles of the ski. I could get the bike to fire twice in a row and.then just cranks no spark. I checked voltage during cranking and it holds 11.3 while cranking. Replaced the lanyard switch, ski started right up twice then back to cranking. I tried the LR503 bypass. After I unplugged the module the ski started right up 2.times in a row then back to just cranking. Then I unplugged the tps ski fired right up twice and again back to just cranking. Plugged the tps.back in and ski fired right up. 2 times and again back to just cranking.

    I am at a loss. Any advice or direction you could point me in would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you checked the negative black wire from the battery to the engine for corrosion.

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    Starts two two times and then just cranks without spark. Does this fairly consistently?

    Read the EMM trouble codes. Clear the codes.

    Start the engine. Shut it down. Read the codes.

    Start and stop the engine until it refuses to start. Read the codes.

    Post results here.

    See the Ficht section from my signature links for how to read and clear the EMM service codes.

    See also the info on deleting the exhaust water injection solenoid, which only exists on the 2-cylinder Virage i.

    Remove , clean and inspect the engine grounds. One is at the rear left of the engine, another is up front (as I recall) near the MAG cylinder ignition coil. Ensure you have solid clean metal to metal contact at each ground.

    Check the injector voltage on White/Red wires when engine is cranking. Do not unplug an injector, find another spot to tap into any White/Red wire. When cranking the voltage on White/Red should be over 20 volts. When running it should be about 45 volts and fairly stable.
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    Thanks for the response. The negative cables as well as the other grounds are clean and tight. I will check the emm codes within the next day or two and will post the results. Thanks again

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