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    2 95 650 SL's takes FOREVER to start ....

    i have two 95 sl650STD and one runs good just recently got the other started after stator changed ran on ether for a few seconds however the one that runs good takes like 3 minutes + of constant cranking to actually start its really weird see if you can follow this, to test after not trying to start for a while i have spark (and this is both machines) put the plugs back in and turn it over for a bit no start pull the plugs and i have no spark now eventually on the good machine it will start and run great all day its just that initial fire, do these things have safety flooding kill switches or anything like that? when i got the machines the fuel shut off and res switch on the side had been bypassed and i think its allowing fuel to just flow into the bottom end

    thanks guys!!

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    any idea's what so ever?, i've been fuckin around with the one i just replaced the stator on all day and have had spark a couple times if i let it sit for a couple hours but wont fire cause its flooded ARGGGGGGGG help please
    so frustrated

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    The fuel switch bypassed can cause long term issues, say when the ski sits for a while in the sun and the fuel vapors fill up the tank and create a positive pressure sending fuel into the carbs and potentially flooding the motor.

    1st, you need to make sure you have consistent spark by using a spark tester.

    One of my skis will take some time to get the initial fire. I speed this along by cranking with the lanyard in, throttle held wide open, and full choke. Crank for 10 or seconds at a time breaking in between to give the starter motor a chance to cool. This condition is typical after sitting for a few days or more. Either way, I always start with this method.

    Next time you think it is flooded, pull the plugs, lay a rag or paper towels over the plug holes, and crank away. If it is flooded, the towels will become wet with fuel. If not, they the motor isn't flooded.

    What are your compression numbers?

    Have you ohm checked the stator to be sure it is healty?

    Are you using a newer strong battery? Sounds like a lot of cranking for one battery. Certainly 3 minutes of cranking will kill the battery, if not the starter......

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    battery goes STRONG even after all that cranking and i just replaced the stator on the one that "hasnt" run good
    the other machine will start and run great once it has started it just takes FOREVER
    i thought about a broken flywheel key and maybe they are both broken a bit but how far does it have to be off for it to cause a no spark condition? even with it broken you would think it would still spark just not in order. and after checking again, if i pull the plugs and check there is spark put them back in try and start nothing pull the plugs again no spark, crank it for a while it starts.. so weird

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    oh and one other thing, the machine i just changed the stator on everytime i pull the plugs after cranking for a while theres some white fluid in the PTO cyl but this thing hasn't been in water in a year so i don't know where it might be getting water from,, is there any way to drain the bottom end?

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    just did a compression test on both machines, the one that i just replaced stator on lets call that machine A mag 110 Center 110 PTO 115 and machine B is 105 straight across, explanation? ideas?

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