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    excess oil in catch can???

    I have ALOT of oil in my catch can. 4oz after hour ride. Its blowing out of the breather filter and spraying all over the inside of the ski. When I first noticed it the oil was at the top of the notch of the dipstick .I sucked out some oil so its right in the middle of the bends, cleaned out the tops valve and took it out today after and hour of riding catch can is full again and spraying all over.Took another 4 oz out, this happened with 2 different tops valves. Any one have any ideas? Engine has a little over 13 hours on it

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    So it was rebuilt.. Is the washer inside the cam gear plastic brown cover? This will drain oil fast. But, if your oil level keeps rising after you already removed some then you have other problems.

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    Level is not going up.. I had too much oil in there in the begining.What other problems could it be?? If I go easy on it its not as bad.. when I did a few pulls with some other skis thats when it happens. Ski feels and runsstrong and sounds great.

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    When you removed the breather did you look in the hole for the big washer on the cam gear? Your valve butts up against it and if it's not there the oil goes everywhere.

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    I had the same problem. It was the thrust washer missing and it chewed up cam cover and vent value. The dealer for got to put the thurst washer in. Fucker. Cost me a lot if money

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