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    Garden Hose Hook Up on a Polaris SLT/SLTH 700 Engine and Towing

    I have both a Polaris SLT (1997) and a SLTH (1999) with the Polaris 700 Engine that I am rebuilding.
    Can someone tell me where I hook up a garden hose connection so I can test fire etc. before heading to the lake.
    Do I use the same hookup on the cooling rail that is used to flush the cooling system? I have attached a picture of the cooling rail.

    Also, I read that you are supposed to clamp off some of the cooling system hoses before towing the PWC. Can someone tell me which hoses need to be clamped off?
    I have a feeling I am going to need this information. I have attached a picture of the cooling system.

    Thanks in advance
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    I have a 99 SLH 700. Ive always used the flush on the cooling rail to briefly start the engine on the trailer. Remember to turn the water on after the engine is started and turn the water off before you turn off the engine. I would not advise you to keep the engine running for any longer than 1 minute tops.

    As far as towing goes, yes, you do need to clamp the cooling system for in water towing. Scroll down to the post about preparation for in water towing for more information:

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    You can start the machine on land with no cooling but only run it for 30 seconds or less, then let it cool down well before you restart it. even if you a have a hose connected you can only run it a few minutes as the pump bearings will not have any cooling. the best way in my mind to test the engine after a rebuild is premix the first tank of fuel to make sure oil pump is working and all the air is out of the lines. start it up on land to make sure well it starts, strap it to the trailer, take it to the launch. with the ski Strapped well to the trailer and in the water still attached to your vehicle, start it. let it idle make sure idle RPMs are good go ahead and rev it up a little, no long WOT holds though just get a feel for how the engine is running. Once you feel comfortable that the machine is not going to leave you stranded, launch it and take it for a ride. remember to vary the throttle and NO WOT runs for any sustained ammt of time, maybe after a bit of riding a few seconds hold.

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