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    Pulling my hair out! js440 cavitation problem???

    Hello I have a 85 js 440 .I can't figure out why it won't go fast enough to plane out.I think maybe it has to do with cavitation because the the when riding it will start right up and go good till about half throttle then the ski will hold its speed ( maybe10 mph) and when I give it more throttle the engine picks up speed but the ski doesn't(kinda imitates a slipping clutch ).I thought it was the stock chewed up impeller, so I switched a good one aftermarket one on it from my parts ski.I took it back out to test and it's the same or a little worse! Compression is 120 psi even on both cylinders. The gap between the impeller and pump ring look good and driveline turns with out binding.I'm really flustered could it be something else?Someone please help me out!

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    Look for loose/missing sealant around the pump and water intake.

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    I think that might be the problem steve45! I pulled the tail housing off the pump and it appears to be the culprit. Looks like it's been leaking for awhile now cause it's eaten away the aluminum where it seals together. I just re sealed it up and I'm gonna test it tomorrow. I just hope the silicone will hold up cause there's a small gap in between.Thanks man!
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