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    Red face water quality

    new to seadoos, was going to take a polaris sl900 watercraft we have out to a lake that we have that is fairly close to where we live and noticed that the water is fairly green closer to the shore, the middle isn't bad but the shore water is a bit green, will driving the seadoo in this harm it in anyway, I have seen guys going on the lake with seadoos just don't want to do no harm to it, anyone know

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    Why is the water green? Algae or weeds or something else?

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    If there isn't any weeds that you can suck into your intake grate you will be fine. A little bit of algae isn't going to harm your ski unless you plan on leaving it in it for a long period of time.

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    Weeds I think we all know first hand that it isn't the greatest to ride in unless your moving at a good speed and only going through a bit of weeds... but idling and what not will get sucked up into the intake and its not fun, on the bright side you get to go swimming

    I have had rides in really green water, doesnt hurt it as its only taking up water, nothing solid that could damage your impeller or anything else... just have an eye for what your riding through.
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    Let's find out what kind of green stuff he wants to ride around in.

    We know that heavy plant density in the water will clog the intake grate on the jet pump and reduce thrust to near zero. Cleaning the weeds often requires the rider to shut the engine down, then get in the water and pull the weed mass away from the intake.

    The engine cooling system has a plastic mesh screen at the water intake. Sometimes fine plant matter can get caught in the mesh and potentially reduce the water flow that cools the engine. All depends on the nature of the green stuff the jet pump is sucking in.

    If the plastic mesh is missing from the jet pump nozzle then some of the ingested plant material is going to go into the actual cooling system. Within the cooling system there is a small orfice that feeds the exhaust water injection. On many engines there is a metal mesh filter upstream from the exhaust water injection flow restrictor. If that water path becomes clogged then the exhaust hoses can overheat.

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    Our lake is the weed king, all kinds from short to tall, floating, submerged, lilly pads, fine, coarse,dense. The green algae is the least of your worries.
    The secret to running in the weeds is to keep the speed up, as soon as you slow down the intake will be clogged. And a trick to clear the weeds while running is to increase the speed as high as possible and turn sharply to one side, then the other side. This forces the weeds built up on the intake grate to swivel from side to side, eventually they'll be thrown off.

    I pulled a seadoo in from the lake that had melted a hose, due to running with a clogged intake, his first time in weeds. The trick above will free up some weeds, but eventually you've got to get under and clean the intake by hand

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    Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated, no weeds that I know of just green algae along the shore....should be good, thanks...just didn't feel like driving 45 mins after work for a ride when we have a lake that's 5 mins away to go for a quick rip after work

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