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Thread: PTO stuck

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    PTO stuck

    So I'm instructing my dad over the phone of how to put the pto back on. He swears up and down it won't go back on. It starts to go on then gets stuck and won't budge. Even with the crank lubed up. He already broke his pto cover and just received his 2nd one from eBay. Has anyone else had an issue like this and found a way to properly get it on. This is for an 07 rxp. The port side engine mount have been removed. Nothing is obstructing the cover from going on. Seems that the output sleeve and pass thru on cover are an extremely tight fit. No means of being able to pull motor so everything is done within hull. Is there a better method of shoving it on or using rubber mallet? The 2 times I've taken mine off I haven't had this much of a struggle taking off or putting back on.
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