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    Practically new Aluminum Karavan /Magic-Tilt Trailer (the one that can mate to a 2nd)

    I've got a practically new (manufactured Oct 2013) Magic-Tilt / Karavan aluminum trailer. (just one)

    This is model WCA1250-39 - the one that can be joined to an identical single trailer to form a double trailer as shown above.

    Excellent condition and maybe a hundred miles on it. I bought it for a ski that fell through - and now own 2 skis and 3 trailers. This trailer is a beast and without a doubt the nicest PWC trailer I've ever seen, but I don't trailer enough to justify it.

    See discussion here:

    List on these is $1350. If you're interested, let's talk about price... Located in Fort Lauderdale.
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    I have a pair of these and they are good trailers. Even a single is a smart buy. In case you ever purchase a second ski, all you have to do is get a second trailer and then you can hook them up and pull double.

    Good luck with the sale.

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    I am looking for another one of these trailers.. but It seems your price is way off there. I can get a new one for a little under 1000... I purchased mine with the connector peice for 1380 after my tax and tag.

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    Sturm you're absolutely right, sorry, brain fart on my end - post corrected.

    PM me, if you're interested - let's talk about price. This trailer is every bit as good as a new one.

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    Still Available..?

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