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    VX110 Hull+FX140 Engine

    Thinking about buying a new VX110 hull, and a FX140 Engine with pump/shaft ofcourse. My question is, do you guys think is gonna be alot of work to make everything fit? i know that the vx use a driftet shaft, but most thinks seem to be the same.

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    If you have both skis already laying around and you arent spending any money to buy anything then sure, ifyou want something to do like a project ski.... but if you motor-less and are simply looking for an alternative to the stock motor to your vx, then I would strongly advise against it...just get its proper motor. Youll likely have clearance issues, need to cut, re-glass and weld things...i mean ive seen someone put a ls1 motor in a jet ski, so anything is possible...

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    Both motors share the same block. There is no glass work required, Julio...

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    lot of little difference between the two. Wont be just a drop in...

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