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    need advice on cases gp1200r

    I pickedup a 2002 gp1200r and I am in the process of rebuilding the engine.
    I need advice on the cases---apparently this engine has blowedup before and took a 1 inch wise 1.5 inch long piece out of the upper case and upper area of the reed cage area.

    I have never used welded case but this was a pretty big piece to be welded in
    it looks like all the mating surfaces seam to be flat this would include rear reed cage surface and cylinder mating surface.

    what do you guys think?

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    I've never used a welded case but others have with luck. If the weld looks good and its been run a while could be OK. Pressure test after rebuild and see, if it passes then ride. I chose to pick up a used case and scored a nice pair for $300 but my mating surface got buggered so the alternative doesn't have to be expensive.

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    Be sure to pressure test the assembled motor.


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    I'm in the same position as you bought a blown up GP1200R that looks to have an SBT Motor in it and it lean seized the 3rd cylinder. I'll be tackling this project come winter once I have the rest of my parts gathered up. but I will be following OsideBills write up on carb modification, and crank/case installation. I also bought a pressure test kit from Lowell Honing. I believe it was $110 and comes with everything you need to block/cap off all the openings and lines to pressurize the motor.

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    I think you should get a good used set, look in the classifieds. I wouldn't want anything to do with welded cases. Is it really worth the risk?

    Look here, smcota is a good seller. I got my crank from him. Send him a pm and see if he still has them.

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