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    trying to pull the Polaris 1200 from a Rio (2002 I think)

    I need to pull the Polaris 1200 out of a Rio jet boat and I need to know how the engine and the jet drive come apart. Is it a slip shaft like on a merc or omc? I dont want to pound on it if it won't slip... Boat repair shop said one cylinder had no compression and the oil tube to that cylinder was dry rotted. They wanted to do a complete rebuild. $$$$ I can't find a dry rotted hose. and plan to see how little it will take to fix.

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    Welcome to GH!

    Fun little boat you got there... or at least it will be... when you get the good running 1200 back in it! I was tubing my kids just yesterday on mine.

    The engine/jetpump on the Rio is a standard '00 Polaris Virage TX drivetrain... just sitting in a boat.

    First pull the jetpump. The 4 long bolts should come out. Sadly... Sugar Sand used inferior bolts here. There bolt shafts are thinner than stock Polaris long pump bolts. 3 of mine broke off... two I got out with vice-grips... 1 had to be extracted (replace yours with stock Polaris stronger/thicker extended pump bolts). Your not unbolting the pump base from the hull... just the 4 long bolts that bolt into the pump base and hold the whole pump assembly together. Get these out... unbolt the steering linkage, remove the reverse lever clip, remove the bilge siphon hoses... and the whole pump will then pull out. It could be seized in there good so rock it back and forth... maybe use a 2x4 for some leverage... be gentle. The whole pump will come straight out... along with the the driveshaft... unless it stays stuck in the engine coupler. It too just pulls straight out the back... o-rings and grease hold it in.

    Once the jetpump and driveshaft are out, the engine is easy to remove. Disconnect the fuel supply and return lines. Remove the spark plug wires (label them... easy to confuse). There will be a temp sensor on the water rail... rail that connects the heads... this will have a wire into the electrical box (sitting on the drivers side strapped down). Disconnect the starter heavy gauge red wire. Lastly will be the stator/magneto (located in front of the engine under the flywheel)... these wires go back to the electrical box. I don't recall the e-box unplugging from the rest of the boats wiring harnes... maybe it did. If not... you'll want to open up the e-box and disconnect the stator wires and extract them from the e-box so the wires can go with the engine.

    Then you just hoist the whole puppy right out. Unlike a jetski where you have to take it apart to get it out.

    All the info you need to know about the engine (red domestic Polaris 1200 carb'ed) and the extended jet pump... can be found in the Polaris PWC Knowledge bank here:


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    Disconnect/take the battery out first

    Remove the engine drive coupler before you take the engine out of the hull. Much easier to torque the coupler off when the engine is bolted down. See my signature links for the 'rope trick' that holds the crankshaft while you undo the coupler.

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