The suffocating humidity of this weekend could not compare to the thick, electric tension that quietly loomed over the racers as the Hydro-Turf Pro Watercross National Tour came into its concluding round. Racers from all over the world converged on the bustling town of Charleston, West Virginia, prepared to fight tooth and nail for what each and every one of them desired – the glory of a 2014 National Title.

Behind the game faces, racers retreated to their thoughts, trying to keep their doubts at bay and praying that all their work would pay off in this one final shot. The typical camaraderie was not present; the rider’s meeting was strictly business. Riders moved quickly and quietly to prepare for the first snap of the band. Among several classes, the points were close; it was anyone’s game. Charleston would bring some of the most shocking upsets of the season and send several racers home with broken hearts.

The weekend’s Pro Ski GP racers were almost indescribable. The glassy water of the Kanawha River allowed these skilled racers to uncap the amazing power under their hoods. For both days of racing, it was clearly Kommander Industries’ Dustin Motzouris who owned the show. After being placed in an awkward, mid-line position on the start, Motzouris found himself in fourth for the first two laps of the first moto.

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