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    New owner of pwc need help

    I just bought a 2003 kawasaki 900 stx, I took it to the lake and there is alot of smoke coming out, the smoke smells like gas, it also vibrates a bit when going above 40mph, what do you think it might be?. Since Im new to owning pwc i dont know anything about how the system works. hopefully I can get some help, thanks.

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    Welcome aboard, chino1711!

    2-strokes are supposed to smoke. They will smoke noticeably more at idle.

    I have no idea what the vibration is. Perhaps the reverse gate is hanging down slightly into the jet stream.

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    Could be a chewed up impeller from rock damage, they will vibrate, could be a bearing going out in the pump. I would pull the pump for inspection before any major damage occurs.

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