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Thread: Don't turn left

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    Don't turn left

    New guy here as I've gotten so much help I had to join. Here's my problem I have a 1991 Yamaha VXR 650 I bought 3 days ago which runs great going straight and turning right but while turning left the motor bogs down. Not to the point of engine stalling just enough to hear the rpms drop and notice the speed. Now this happens no matter what slow speed to wide open throttle. New plugs fresh carb rebuild by previous owner (not 100% sure on that) have not done compression test and was told topend has never been rebuilt. I checked cable position to see if it was hung on anything and found nothing. Please any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Turning left does load the motor more than turning right does. Some RPM drop is normal. If its a really drastic RPM loss you may have fuel system issues.

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    I was not aware of that thanks for the info. It's not a drastic drop just enough to notice. I did pull fuel pick up line to check for any cracks thinking it maybe sucking air as fuel shifts around and it looks new as well as all fuel lines. Thanks again.

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