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    2010 GTX 155 drive shaft replacement instructions

    Hello, new to forum need some help finding instructions to install driveshaft kit. Can't believe my unit at 62 hours had such a severe break down. After browsing the net I see I'm not the only one. I have 280 hrs on my 2005 and have done nothing except a wear ring!! Is this a job I,should tackle myself?

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    Welcome to GH

    With kit you mean replacing seal and bellow? When taking out driveshaft it's wise to do an alignment check as well.

    I suggest to use the "advance search" option of this forum.

    Keywords: driveshaft, alignment, carbon seal etc.

    Tons of information here. And always people willing to help!!

    Good luck

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    Are you updating the rubber coated shaft to the older style cclip shaft? If so you will need pto bearing,shaft,cclip,orings,hat and carbon ring and possibly the bellows. if you stripped the shaft splines on prop side you should also replace the prop.

    Make sure you check engine alignment.

    Like mentioned above do a search plenty of info.

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    Thanks so much for the information!!! And yes I want to update to new shaft, just wondering if this is something I should let a dealer take care of or if I can handle it. Not sure what is all involved in changing the bearing, that's why I'm looking for the instructions. I for sure do not know how to check motor alignment.

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    I also didn't know how to do anything on my ski..... BEFORE i came here on GH !!

    2 options for you:

    1) Bring it to the dealer and pay the price

    2) Do it yourself, learn a lot and save money as well.

    Get yourself a manual:

    As your gonna update to the new type C-clip driveshaft go with a 2011 manual.

    (I assume for a 155 GTX it's the same driveshaft story as the RXT's ??)

    Buy or borrow the alignment tools for after the job. This is a must 'doo' !!

    And once again plenty of threads about alignment here. Just start reading

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