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    92 XP Fuel Delivery Issues

    Hi - another ski revival in process...

    We picked up a 92 XP in decent shape about 6 mo ago - the previous owner couldn't get it to run right complained that the carb was messed up/hard to tune.

    We started it in his driveway and it exhibited the lean run-away condition twice, after that we couldn't get it to start.

    Finally got to checking it out last night for the first time since then. Was going to do a comp check and found that there was a jet laying in the ski. I reached around the pto carb and found the empty hole and screwed it in, thinking that might be the entire problem right there!

    The ski started when we dumped fuel in the carbs and ran until it used the fuel up (we did this a couple times). Realized its not drawing its own fuel from the tank. Took the pulse and inlet lines off and tried to blow into the pulse line (all fuel lines were previously replaced), all I get is air coming out the inlet line. We opened and closed the gas cap, tried using my compressor blow tip to blow into the line with the same result. Tank is half full, and we get same result on main tank and reserve tank setting. I took off the fuel filter and it was fine too.

    I have not checked the lines yet for proper plumbing - but does anyone know whats going on? It seems like it should be pretty simple!

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    What's going on is you need to take the carbs off and clean them and restore them to factory specifications, totally clean and verify the entire fuel and oil injection system, and otherwise totally de-fuck that thing inside and out or you will never get it to run long enough to have fun with it... best advice is to start from square one... but that's just my .02

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    thank you for the "clean the carb" comment. The carb is out of the loop - I'm not getting any fuel thru the lines to get to the filthy carb LOL!

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    I didn't say that the carb was filthy... but if you found pieces of the carb laying in the bottom of the hull it's a bad sign for them... you should take them off and go through them thoroughly.
    It's possible that the fuel selector has an issue, but id say you need to totally go through the fuel system with the baffle and the tank out and see what is going on. If you do get fuel to the carbs, it's still not going to run right... that's what i'm saying... LOL! You still have grey fuel lines on this unit?

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    I know - I thru the "filthy" thing out there It's a given that the carb probably needs gone thru completely - any time you find pieces laying around you know you're in for some fun!

    I don't know anything about this particular ski - what I want to know is that if I blow into the pulse line, I should eventually get fuel from the inlet line - right??

    I made the mistake of using the compressor tip on my 97 GTI pulse line and my kid ended up spraying me down with the fuel from the inlet line!! The fuel never stopped coming !!!

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    Update: pulled the tank last night and found both the main and reserve lines had broken off right at the top of the tube inside the tank. The rest of the lines had broken into pieces and disintegrated. The strainers on the bottom were completely caked with junk etc.
    Installed new lines and got it to draw its own fuel for a couple starts -- so now on to those carbs!!

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