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    Impressive gains off of two minor mods 07 RXP...

    My buddy just picked up a clean 07 RXP. It was bone stock, and this past Sunday we took it out on the river for the first time. His best gps speed was 66 mph in pretty calm waters. (3/4 tank, right in check with what a stock ski should be at speed wise). After doing a few pulls with my ski (09 rxpx, 137+4, ect...) he decided he wanted to mod his a bit. I had a few parts in my garage which I had no use for anymore - Riva intake, and a Riva "high flow" exhaust pipe for a PX (I switched to a 4'' and a hull through). According to Riva, the RXP pipe is different, but I made it work with his setup - removing only the bulky sound deadening box from the rear, and retaining the stock rubber hoses from the waterbox. We then removed all the stock airbox pieces and took to the water. After a few gps pulls I could not believe the gains. Best mph of 70.6 mph over the coarse of three separate pulls (Worst of 69.9). I had no idea these two minor mods would make such a difference (a max of 4.6 mph over stock). I know this is very old news at this point, but I'm posting this as a reference for anyone looking to do some very minor mods with some very decent mph gains.

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    The 4 inch, do you mean the 4inch flexhose and kn filter?
    I have the same mods, but not the rear exshaust.

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    I made my 4'' out of aluminum pipes, not the flexhose. The intake we used on the RXP was the "3 inch" Riva one.

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    I just put an R&D grate on my '10 px and got 69.1 mph. No other mods. Going fast is fun!

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