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    GPRXP back in the water!

    Took my blown motor to Brian @ Champion Powersports to be rebuilt. With a full tank of gas and my 250lbs. I hit 89.3 mph. Woohoo! I know if i would have punched a few buttons and leaned it out I could have hit 90 something but I don't want to hurt my baby for a few mph. I even told Aviator when I bought it not to show me how to adjust it on the fly other wise I might screw it up.
    I find myself wanting to sell it and then I ride it and have a grin stuck to my face for the week. Love speed.

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    Nice speed Anything at 90 and recreationally rideable is awesome!

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    yeah Brian called me about your ski, glad he got you setup good. 90mph? what all you have done to it, he told me it was fast.

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