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    02 polaris virage 800 issue

    I purchased this ski from a friend who had it sitting since last year (ran last year no issues). Took it out to the lake and didn't start. Brought it back and started messing with it. At first it would not start unless you take the air filter off. Ran for a bit and shut off after several attempts. Took it to a tech who swore twas the throttle position sensor. (Mind you, it was replaced last year). After replacing it again for 300 bucks, it started right up when I was at the shop. Took it to the lake the same day and I couldn't get it to start at first. After a few tries, it started but could not get no more than 30mph then it died. After several attempts, it started but this time no more than 10mph then died again. Pulled it out of the water and started it. Ran like crap as if it was bouncing off the rev limit. Took it back to the tech and now he says it's the stator. Any solutions on this issue would be appreciated

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    Is the tech familiar with Polaris fuel injected engines?

    The electrical diagnostics and repairs are quite different from the carburetor engines.

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    find a new tech. On the job training on Polaris (or any injected system creates a huge money pit that has an almost magnetic attraction to your wallet)

    First and foremost if your battery is not in top notch shape, replace it.

    Secondly, I'd consider finding a tech that knows the inns and outs of this ski. Hard to wing it.

    While the TPS is a common failing point, new ones are hard to come by, ask the tech for the old tps.

    Are you getting a check engine message on the dash?

    There are ways to seriously narrow the fault point but using the available diagnostic systems.

    Start at the k447 signature links. Make sure you are using the factory specified sparkplugs, not generic replacements

    oh yeah..welcome to GH!

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