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    broke bolt oil pump

    I was installing the oil pump block off plate on my xlt1200 and one of the bolts broke clean off. There's not enough bolt to grab on to, to remove it. Am I going to have to remove the whole motor to drill out this little bolt?

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    its the front cover on the motor, just unbolt it and disconnect the electrical harness. No pressure or sealing there or just a flywheel cover and front motor mount.
    also minimal tq on those bolts!

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    one bolt and some kit/ liquid gasket will do,
    make sure no water can get in...

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    Just a dry area...bolts are almost overkill so you will be fine with liquid gasket like permatex black etc. I used duct-tape (of course I did) one time just to keep it dry till I could get my blockoff plate. Clean the surface and the plate surface with acetone or mineral spirits before applying the gasket goo and you are golden.

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