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    Kawasaki Extended Warranty Information

    I just got the following press release from Kawasaki and wanted to share it with you guys!


    Kawasaki backed extended service coverage program expands to offer dealers and customers additional products and benefits

    IRVINE, Calif. (Aug. 19, 2014)—Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. (KMC) announced recently that after 28 years of providing excellent coverage to Kawasaki customers, the Good Times™ Protection Plan (GTPP) has been rebranded as Kawasaki Protection Plus (KPP).
    Kawasaki Protection Plus offers all of the same great factory backed coverage and extended service contract programs as GTPP, but through our partnership with Service Group has added new products including GAP, Tire & Wheel, Prepaid Maintenance as well as all-encompassing coverage for other OEM brands in the form of Preferred Protection Plus.
    “With Kawasaki Protection Plus and Preferred Protection Plus, Kawasaki has partnered with Service Group to provide a comprehensive offering of products and services to Kawasaki dealers and customers ensuring positive ownership experiences, strong dealer relationships, and years of worry-free riding,” says Patrick Kelly, Kawasaki Director, Technical Services.
    Kawasaki Protection Plus and Preferred Protection Plus launched August 4, 2014 and are available from authorized Kawasaki dealers, or customers can purchase and renew their KPP contracts online at
    To learn more about Kawasaki Protection Plus and Preferred Protection Plus, visit

    About Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. (KMC)
    Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. (KMC) markets and distributes Kawasaki motorcycles, ATVs, side x sides, and Jet Ski® watercraft through a network of almost 1,200 independent retailers, with close to an additional 7,400 retailers specializing in general purpose engines. KMC and its affiliates employ nearly 3,100 people in the United States, with approximately 300 of them located at KMC's Irvine, California headquarters. Kawasaki’s tagline, “Let the good times roll.™”, is recognized worldwide. The Kawasaki brand is synonymous with powerful, stylish and category-leading vehicles. Information about Kawasaki’s complete line of powersports products and Kawasaki affiliates can be found on the Internet at

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    Indeed. The plan I got from my dealer was this new one. The language looks pretty much the same, though the hull exclusion appeared to be gone (there are other exclusions, though) if I read it correctly. I wasn't going to bother, but my dealer made me an offer I couldn't refuse...

    FYI - tried that link to get a quote and the amount was much higher than what I got through my dealer in-person.

    If I ever end up using the warranty, I'll try to remember to post about the experience.

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    Wondering if anyone has bought this through a dealer and what deal did they get? Right now looking at the 15f and the online price shows $1800 MSRP for the warranty, curious where it says MSRP what the discount room may be.

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    I got a 48month extended warranty on my 310R, and paid 800... Which was the "cash" price.

    Only concern I have is what is covered Vs what isn't. I bought it because of the concerns I have for the supercharger, but I didn't see it listed online when I glanced over it.

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    Has anyone here on the forum had to use their Kawasaki extended warranty? Would like to know how your experience was

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    Bryan...what is going on with your ski?


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    where is the best place to buy the warranty...cheapest?

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    also interested in there a dealer on this forum that will give members forum discounts?

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    The Warranty is purchased through your dealer. Some give better deals than others and some have more wiggle room, so it seems, than others.
    The warranty is great to have. A while back what you could do is wait until about 1 year and then purchase the warranty, thus giving you an extra year of coverage. I do not know if this is still the case but may be worth looking into. (The manufacturer, Kawasaki, gives you a 1 year warranty upon purchase of a new Jet Ski)
    The warranty is an excellent warranty. But I believe the differences in peoples experience with this is the dealer and how pro-active they are and how they go about representing your issue to K. You can also call Kawasaki if you are not getting the response you would like from your dealer, though this should only be done if you have exhausted all other options.
    I had a warranty issue once in 2008 with a 2007 ski. It was 3 months out of warranty, yet they stepped up and repaired my ski free of charge, and it was not a minor issue.
    Get the warranty. It's worth it at any cost. Particularly with a super charged ski. I should add buy only the manufacturers warranty, not a 3rd party warranty. The factory GTPP is the only one you want.
    By the way Hait2Wait - there have been very few issues with the Eaton TVS. Most are due to poor post-ride care. It's a very excellent and reliable charger.

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