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    05 RXT catch can near full

    I change the oil in my sons rxt and after about 7 hours of run time the catch can is about 3/4's full of what looks and smells like clean oil. When I changed the oil I leveled the rub rails so as not to put too much oil back in. Now checking the oil on the dip stick the level is right where it should be , half way between the marks. Last time we were out it was running rich about 11.5-11.7 wot, and you can detect a faint odor of gas on the dip stick. This motor was rebuilt about 30 hours ago. Any thoughts? thanks for any help

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    To really start to figure this out you need to be logging. Just glancing at the AFR's it's impossible to see any story whatsoever.

    Running 11.5 - 11.7 is a tiny bit rich at WOT but not crazy, I target 11.9. This difference isn't going to cause that much of a problem that you're seeing.

    Without a log you're really punching in the dark.

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    Maybe I misspoke, I'm not saying that running a little rich would have anything to do with this I just wanted to put that out there that it's a little rich and that there is a hint of odor of gas on the dipstick, which is not unusual. I put that catch can in about a little over a ago and there has never been actual oil in there, some oil residue but not oil. I should also say that the oil level is good, right where it should be

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