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    SPX oil pump block off

    I ordered a kit to properly do this on my ski as the previous owner took it to a mechanic who simply cut the throttle to oil pump cable. I haven't received the kit but upon further research, I found somewhere on here where it said you could simply take the oil pump off, pull the plastic shaft out and re-install the pump and call it good. I went ahead and did this. Is this a sufficient way to do this? Seems logical. Can I just leave it like this or is there any advantage to using an actual block off kit and install the dummy plate and plug the lines? It was easy enough to do so I was just wondering. Thanks in advanced for any input!


    *edit* forgot to mention it's a 97 model with the 787 engine.

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    I guess my main question is, do I need to block off any of the lines if I just reinstalled the pump? Without the plastic shaft, it shouldn't pump any oil up to the cylinders. It may gravity feed some through the pump supply line but that would just go into the crank case if that happens, correct? The crank case is gonna get oil from its normal loop lines from the oil reservoir anyway so a bit coming through the pump should not hurt, I would think.

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    Personally I'd plug the lines due to the fact that beyond a possible gravity feed, there is also a suction feed as well since thats basically how a carb works in a nutshell. The oil if any were to even go through would also act the exact same way it would normally, meaning it wouldnt just harmlessly drop into the crankcase it'd mix with the air/fuel charge.

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    So basically, I should go ahead and do it the proper way with the block off kit when I receive. it. Gotcha! I already have one coming and should be here any day now. Thanks for the reply.

    One more question, I read something about an O'ring that fits between the plate and hole. When I removed the oil pump, there was no O'ring on it. I didn't see that the kit came with an O'ring either. Do I need to find one to fit it? Or does it not need one? I just though it was weird there was not one on the pump where it fit into the case.

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    The parts diagram shows an 18.5mm o-ring between the pump and case. Most likely the same "mechanically inclined" person who just cut the cable might have figured they didn't need an o-ring...

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    I wouldn't doubt that is what happened. I will use some high heat silicone to seal off the blocker plate, then if I decide later to go back to pump injection, I'll find an O'ring for it. Thanks for your help again!

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    Took the oil pump back off last night and there is an O'ring there but it seems a bit brittle. I will just silicone the blocker plate. Also, I left the feed line hooked up to it and zip tied it out of the way. It shouldn't squirt any oil without the pump being able to spin (I assume). The blocker plate kit only comes with plugs for the two small feed lines to the cylinders it looks like, so I will put those in and install the blocker plate. Gonna take it to the lake this weekend and give it a whirl.

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