Hello everyone I'm still having problems with my js440. My ski seems to be running fine when the problem occurs.when trying to accelerate it will move good up to 10 mph then pump/ propulsion cuts out and starts to slow but engine is reving out.feels like impeller is slipping, sometimes it will want to hook up and it will Jerk forward a little .I did find what looks like a leak coming from the pump reducer housing. It has cavitatated some of the aluminum surface away.I filled it and resealed it with silicone let it sit for 24 then took it out to retest. It felt the same when I put it in the water at first .then I rode it for a few minutes doing some slow turns on my knees engine roaring the whole time, all of the sudden it's hooking up harder and picking up speed so I stand up and ride it around for a couple minutes until I power slide and fall .got back on it would only accelerate when turning until it planed out then it seemed to ride fine until I fall again.then it wouldn't Rev when I started it just bogged so I putted back and pull it out for a minute . fired it up and Reved up fine so I put it back in and rode it again only accelerating while turning, but slipping when trying to plane out riding straight.but I could stand up and ride it full speed but would have to start out doing a circle. Why is it doing this!! Please help me out