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    2011 GTI 130 - Only 10 hours ... still max 44 mph after break in?

    First introduction to PWC's and loving my new GTI "used" purchase (also picked up a 2001 GS). Runs great, responsive and feature rich overall with instrumentation and styling. Only thing I have noticed is that the top end is lacking (I was running with sport mode engaged). I checked plugs and they looked great (proceeded to replace them just in case). Has recently (2 days ago) had its 10 hour break in maintenance (oil change) and service light recently reset at dealer. Dealer also updated some computer ECU/ICU (not sure about accuracy of acronyms) version levels that they said needed updating. I have seen comments in some threads that suggest a rev limiter that is engaged via computer during break in period that may be a factor? My RPM's if I remember correctly top out at 6800. Is that about right? I am using the correct key (not the learner key). Can the keys be incorrectly programmed? The dealer has a rental fleet of similar GTI's (where this GTI was originally purchased from) and I was thinking they possibly speed limited them on purpose? Could this be the case with my GTI? All input welcome.... thanks in advance!!!!

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    Yep, you may have a rental key from the sounds of it.

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    the dash should make some indication of the key type when it's put on the post, but it sure sounds like a limited key to me as well.

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    It says it is the standard key but, some times it takes 2 or 3 times to re-insert before reading it ... Any ideas on how can I confirm it is the key?

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    dealer/decent repair shop or you plop down $400 or so for a home version code reader....( you'll eventually want it for other things it can do.)

    I haven't done It but I understand that on some later seadoos you can program in a top speed for a full power key. Now if this shows up on the dash I'm not sure.

    Now to get this done without paying for nothing, go to the dealer/local shop and buy a key have them program it and ask them if they would reprogram this other key to normal power while it's hooked up.

    Hate to ask but you did remember to disconnect the anchor didn't you?

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    Thanks for responses everyone. The one dealer told me $60 for a key and reprogram. Hopefully this is a simple process. PS. I broke the anchor line ... good accel on the punch lol

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