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Thread: Max 55-5600 RPM

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    Max 55-5600 RPM

    I have an 02 F12X that will only pull around 5600 rpm and is slow getting there. I have replaced the waste gate sensor and spark plugs which have made no significant difference. Today I pulled the hose to the actuator and it boosted up to 6100 rpm and threw an FI light. I'm almost certain that I have the pill in the turbo line. Is there anything else that would cause this short of behavior?

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    I also replaced the actuator with an aftermarket one from ebay. Is there a chance the actuator itself is bad?

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    Install a boost gauge to get all the into we need to know .
    sounds like its only boosting 6-8psi so to me it sounds like the wgs has gone bad .

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    Might have a damaged compressor or exhaust side wheel. You symptoms sound like a bad actuator or wastegate solonoid

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