I was out riding for about 5 hrs the other day no problems at all. Get home getting ready to flush the ski and I get the normal 2 beeps then 1 beep check engine light is on so i checked oil coolant etc.. everything looks fine fire the ski up flush it real quick seems to be revving about 2500 go to blip the throttle and nothing no throttle response turn ski off hook up candoo and get code p1614.

So I go around push on all the harness connections I can reach on the (is) ski I can reach . next day fire up ski for a few seconds no more check engine light, no more high idle and the throttle is working.

So I figured I would pressure test the IC, I pessure tested with the garden hose and pulled both sc and tb hose and looked in there with a scope no water at all.

My question is it possible the IC only leaks when I been riding a while and engine compartment and ic is hot? or if it had a the leak would it also show at home pressure testing it with cold ic and water with a garden hose?